Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah Original mattress in bedroom with nightstands on either side

Nolah is an online retailer that sells a variety of mattresses for sleepers of every weight and sleep position. All of the mattresses are designed and assembled in the U.S.

When the company first began, Nolah took a targeted approach by initially catering to one specific sleep style. Their first mattress, the Nolah Original, became the ultimate choice for side sleepers.

Over the years, Nolah has expanded their selection and now offers mattresses for all sleep styles that range from affordable all-foam models to the more luxurious pillow-top models and even a natural latex model.

What Makes Nolah Mattresses Stand Out?

Nolah AirFoam – A proprietary polyfoam blend that is 20% cooler than traditional memory foam and also provides exceptional pressure relief and support. Unlike traditional memory foam that you sink into, Nolah AirFoam contours gently around your body to cushion joints and maintain proper spinal alignment for a pain-free night’s sleep.
It contains no viscoelastic chemicals that can trap the heat; so you will sleep cooler.

It also is up to 300% more durable than memory foam and maintains its firmness and shape without softening or sagging. Also, AirFoam is CertiPUR-US certified to be healthy for you as well as the environment.

Found in all Nolah Original, Signature and Evolution models.

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Zoned AirFoam – This zoned version of the original AirFoam provides specific support for side sleepers. It has holes punched in the foam in the area around the shoulders which make it more cushiony and flexible. The area around the lower back is firmer to provide targeted support for the hips and proper spinal alignment.
This foam is highly breathable and 100% temperature neutral.

Found in: The Nolah Evolution and all Original and Signature models.

HDMax Tri-Zone Coils – This coil system consists of 8-inch individually wrapped coils that are divided into 3 regions to give targeted support. They help align your spine and keep your hips from sinking. This also gives the mattress bounce and stability.

Found in: Nolah Original Hybrid, Signature Hybrid, Evolution, Evolution Comfort+, and Natural.

Talalay Latex – This latex is natural, sustainably sourced and hypoallergenic. It provides better pressure relief, breathability and durability than Dunlop latex or other synthetic foams.

Found in:  Nolah Natural.

Nolah Mattress Models


Nolah Original 10

Thickness: 10″
Firmness: 5-6/10 medium to medium soft

Even though the Nolah Original was designed for the specific needs of side sleepers, it is also a good fit for lighter-weight back and combination sleep styles.

This very popular model has a 4-layer construction:

1) Soft, breathable plant based Tencel fabric protective cover.
2) 2″ layer of Zoned AirFoam – this is a contouring foam that is cooling and pressure relieving.
3) 1″ layer of Core Comfort support foam – gives the bed a little bounce and prevents excessive sinking.
4) 7″ layer of Solid Sleep foam – This foundation base layer provides stability and support.

Nolah Signature 12

Thickness: 12″
Firmness: 5/10 medium soft

The Nolah Signature 12 is designed with 75% more AirFoam™ compared to the Nolah Original 10 and stands out as our top choice for alleviating pressure in your shoulders and hips.

This all foam mattress combines plush cushioning and profound support, providing targeted comfort for those who sleep on their side. Moreover, it ensures a cool sleeping experience through its temperature-neutral foam and breathable cover crafted from organic cotton.

5-layer construction:

1) Cooling cover made of organic cotton.
2) 2″ Zoned AirFoam with hole-punched areas around the shoulders for side sleeper comfort.
3) 2″ breathable high resilience foam.
4) 1″ Firm AirFoam – a firmer version for more support.
5) 7″ Foam foundation for strong support and stability.

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Nolah Original Hybrid

Thickness: 11
Firmness: 6/10

Most affordable hybrid model is designed with cushioning AirFoam above 8-inch steel coils for proper spinal and hip support.

5-layer construction:

1) Breathable plant-based Tencel fabric cover.
2) 2″ Zoned AirFoam – adds cushioning and support.
3) 1″ Transition foam – for additional motion isolation and flexibility.
4) 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone Coils – provides support in 3 targeted areas.
5) Recycled fiber mattress pad – Helps to stabilize the coils and provides a solid foundation for the above layers.

Nolah Signature Hybrid

Thickness: 13.5″
Firmness: 6/10

Organic cotton cover and Zoned AirFoam with perforations  around the shoulder area to add cushioning and flexibility for side sleepers to change positions more easily. For maxium hip and lumbar support it is firmer in the middle.
Enhanced air circulation is created by the open structure of the coils.

7-layer construction:

1) Breathable organic cotton cover.
2) 1″ quilted foam comfort layer.
3) .75″ plush high-resilience foam – for added contouring.
4) 2″ Zoned AirFoam – Cooling, contouring, pressure relieving foam.
5) 1.5″ EverAdapt transition foam – Added support and comfort.
6) 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone coils – Individually wrapped recycled steel coils for support in 3 targeted zones.
7) .75″ stabilizing foam foundation.

Nolah Evolution 15 Hybrid

Thickness: 15
Firmness: 4-5, 6-7 or 8/10

This deluxe hybrid is the the only model where you can pick and choose the firmness level: plush, luxury firm (medium) and firm. It has a pillow top feel, foam comfort layers and pocketed coil support. It is a solid value for the price.

7-layer construction:

1) Organic cotton + ArcticTex cover – Breathable and cooling.
2) Quilted Euro topper with 2″ layer of cooling foam and a heat escape gusset.
3) 2″ Zoned AirFoam – Breathable and 100% temperature neutral.
4) 2″ CoreComfort support foam – More pressure relief.
5) 1″ EverAdapt transition foam – Adds a little bounce so it’s easier to change positions and aids in motion isolation.
6) 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone support coils with reinforced edge coils – Individually wrapped coils provide motion isolation, targeted support and bounce. The coils along the perimeter are thicker for stronger edge support.
7) Recycled plant fiber foundation layer.

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Nolah Evolution Comfort+

Thickness: 14
Firmness: 6-7/10 Medium-Firm

This plus-size hybrid mattress is designed for targeted back support and excellent pressure relief.
It can support 2-500 lb people for the entire life of the mattress.

7-layer construction:

1) Organic cotton + ArticTex cover – Breathable and cooling.
2) 2″ quilted Euro topper – Breathable quilted foam adds cushioning and cooling.
3) 2″ cooling AirFoam HD – Very breathable, won’t trap heat like memory foam. It is also a denser foam than the AirFoam found in the Evolution 15″ making this mattress sturdier and more supportive.
4) Deep and Supportive High-Resilience Foam – An additional layer of support foam.
5) 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone support coils – The individually wrapped coils are grouped into three targeted zones for maxiumum support and motion isolation. Reinforced coils around the perimeter provide enhanced edge support.
6) EverAdapt foam – This foam layer sits below the support coils to provide even more motion isolation and responsiveness.
7) Eco-Friendly Foundation Layer – Provides more stability and strength to the overall mattress.


Nolah Natural 11

Thickness: 11
Firmness: 6/10 med to med firm

Eco-friendly hybrid latex mattress is designed with natural Talalay latex foam for its primary comfort layers. Holes punched in the latex layer increase its cooling and breathability. Latex is cushioning and responsive like memory foam but you don’t sink into it as much.

The individually wrapped coils provide targeted support for shoulders, hips and spine.

All the organic cotton and wool is GOTS-certified.

6-layer construction:

1) Breathable organic cotton cover.
2) Organic wool – GOTS certified organic, naturally fire retardant, cooling and breathable.
3) 2″ Talalay latex comfort layer – Provides gentle contouring.
4) 1″ Talalay latex support layer – A firmer layer for support and responsiveness.
5) 8″ HDMax Tri-Zone support coils – Pocketed recycled steel coils with three targeted support zones.
6) Organic wool and cotton foundation – Gives stability to the above layers.

Nolah Nurture Kids Mattress

Thickness: 8
Firmness: 4-5 and 6-7/10

The flippable hybrid design has two firmness levels. A soft side and a firm side depending on what is most comfortable for your child. This bed was designed for children 3 to 15 years of age.
You can add a 10-year Accident Protection plan against scratches and stains for only $0.99.

7-layer construction:

1) Breathable organic cotton cover.
2) Organic wool – Helps to regulate temperature, naturally flame retardant and creates a safety barrier without toxic chemicals or fiberglass.
3) 1″ firmer comfort layer – Provides this side of the mattress with the 6-7/10 firmness.
4) 6″ individually-wrapped steel coils – This coil support system adds support and strength to the mattress edges. Keeps your child’s spine properly aligned.
5) 1″ softer comfort layer – This gel memory foam layer gives this side of the mattress a 4-5/10 firmness and provides more contour and cushioning than the firmer side.
6) Organic wool- Helps to regulate temperature, naturally flame retardant and creates a safety barrier without toxic chemicals or fiberglass.
7) Breathable organic cotton cover.


Quick Facts for All Nolah Mattresses:

Sleep Trial: 120 nights
Shipping: Free
Warranty: Lifetime
Made in: USA

Final Thoughts

Nolah is a brand that has mattresses for people of all sizes and sleep positions. There is a wide variety of mattresses including all-foam, hybrid and natural latex models.

Nolah as put together a chart to help you find the mattress best suited to your weight and sleeping position.  See their Nolah Mattress Recommendations & Weight Tolerance Page.


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