Puffy Mattress Review: Modern Day Wonder

Finding the most comfortable surface to sleep on has been a quest for man for many millennia. From mammoth hide, to bear skin, to cow hide, to hay, down to the invention of foam, man has been dedicated to finding the perfect sleeping surface.

The year is 2020 and there have been significant strides made towards perfecting the life we live, the goal being to get the best out of what we have. We would not have come this far if people did not push the envelope of innovation. This is exactly what the Puffy Mattress company has done and ended up winning accolades for all their efforts. Read on for my Puffy Mattress Review.

Puffy Overview

The Puffy is a memory foam mattress that comes in three different models; the original Puffy, the Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal mattress. The original Puffy is constructed with three different layers, the Lux is made of four layers and the Royal has 5 layers.

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The construction of the mattresses was researched and developed to make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. And that is the exact effect you get when you purchase this mattress. If you’re not sure about it, the company does offer a 101-day sleep trial with every mattress.

Puffy – How is it Made?

Puffy mattresses are made in America with American research and development making it possible since 2017. All of their products are manufactured in the U.S.A. and all the foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

The Puffy, is a 10-inch memory foam mattress. But that’s not all. It’s made up of three layers that help give your spine proper support and cushioning while you sleep.

The top two inches are fabricated from a gel-infused foam called “Cooling Cloud Foam” that enhances air flow. This encourages cooling during those hot nights when you just don’t feel like sticking a leg out of the covers. Nothing else works wonders for your body like deep, uninterrupted REM sleep.

The next two inches are a poly foam layer called “Climate Comfort” which help to further support and cushion your body.

>> To start your 101 Night Sleep Trial, click here, NOW! >>

The bottom six inches are made of a “Firm Core Support Foam.” This gives the mattress a durable foundation while giving support to the layers above it. This also gives it the capability to be used on any surface or bed structure.

The Puffy Lux adds a layer of “Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam” making this mattress 12 inches tall. This layer adds even more pressure relief and gives the mattress the ability to contour around your body, eliminating the possibility of pressure points developing and costing you dear sweet sleep in the long run.

Their newest addition, the Puffy Royal adds advanced airflow technology to minimize heat absorption even more than the original Puffy.

Also new to the Puffy Royal is a 5-zone support design where the middle of the mattress is a little firmer than the head and foot sections. This gives you better support for your back and hips and helps keep your spine in alignment. Your head, neck, legs and feet get more pressure relief from the softer sections.

Special Cover

Unlike many other bed-in-a-box mattresses, the cover on all 3 models is removable, stain resistant and machine washable.

How Firm is the Puffy Mattress?

Each model comes in one firmness choice. The original Puffy is a  medium firm, the Puffy Lux is a medium plush and the Puffy Royal is a medium to medium soft.


    • A big plus when you purchase this mattress is the charity program run by the company; #jumpforkids. This program donates mattresses to children in need and there’s no better mattresses for them to sleep on other than Puffy.
    • Sleeps cool for a memory foam mattress because of the cooling gel infusion technology.
    • Super easy to clean cover – just unzip and put it in your washer.


  • There’s only one firmness option for each mattress. This could be a problem if you’d like a different option on firmness but take advantage of the free delivery with the 101-day trial sleep period. Test out whether you’d like it or not for yourself.
  • Edge support is on the weak side, but OK.

Quick Facts:

Sleep Trial: 101 Nights
Shipping: Free
Warranty: Lifetime and non-prorated coverage
Queen: Puffy $900 – Puffy Lux $1,495
Firmness: Medium Firm for original, Medium Plush for the Lux and Medium to Medium Soft for the Puffy Royal
Edge Support: Okay
Motion Isolation: Very good
Made In: USA

Puffy Lux

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