WinkBeds Mattress Review: Luxury is the Name of the Game

To quote their website, “The one third of your life spent asleep could make or break the two thirds that you are awake”, they seem to have taken this mantra to heart and worked to actualize it. And they have not disappointed.

Making their mattresses by hand in Wisconsin, Virginia or Arizona, Winkbeds have built a product that is both functional and comfortable. These luxurious mattresses will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of marshmallows. Following is our WinkBeds mattress review:

WinkBeds Mattress Quick Overview

Offering a variety of different options is the league they decided to put themselves in. With many different option combinations to choose from, these mattresses will cater to every type of sleeper. If you’re a bit on the heavier side, worry not, they’ve got you covered with the the WinkBed Plus.

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They really did think of everyone. Depending on your financial situation, you can make a one-off purchase or pay for the mattress in monthly installments.

In addition to the firmness choices, they also offer three different models; the Winkbed Hybrid, the GravityLux Memory Foam and the EcoCloud Hybrid, made entirely from 100% all-natural Talalay latex with an innerspring hybrid design.

How are the WinkBeds Mattresses Made?

The mattresses are made using novel materials. One of them is Tencel, which is a natural fabric made from Eucalyptus trees. This fabric has been engineered to be softer than silk and is 30% cooler in comparison to linen. You are well looked after for those hot nights when uncovering would just be a chore.

The next layer underneath the cover is made of Euro-Pillow material. This is a material that performs in a similar manner to memory foam, but has the added benefit of pulling heat away from your body. You can now sleep in close proximity to your partner and not feel like you have a furnace underneath the covers.

The bottom layer is meant to provide you with great support. Individually wrapped coils react to areas of greater pressure by pushing upwards, giving great support to your back and sides. If you are an edge sleeper, you’ll never feel like you’re going to roll off the bed. The build includes extra support at the edges to stop rolling and sagging.

WinkBeds Firmness Rating

Available in four options: Soft (4.5), Luxury Firm (6.5), Firmer (7.5), and Plus (8)

Final Thoughts

The multiple options make this a suitable product for many people of different sizes. The gel infused layer is excellent for isolating motion, especially when you have a partner who’s turning and restless through the night.

The memory foam is excellent for reducing back pain and works well with the other layers to provide sturdy support for every kind of sleeper. The edge support is unparalleled and will allow you to sit all the way to the end of the bed without any sagging.

With a 120-day trial period, you have more than enough time to test it out.

To start your 120 Night Sleep Trial, click here, NOW!


  • Firm edge support
  • Innovative back support system
  • WinkBeds Plus mattress specifically designed for individuals in heavier weight ranges


  • In regard to the 120 night sleep trial, you need to keep the bed for 30 nights before it can be exchanged or returned.


Sleep Trial: 120 Nights
Shipping: Free
Warranty: Lifetime + 50% off anytime replacement
Queen: The EcoCloud: $1,699.00, The WinkBed: $1,499.00, The GravityLux: $1,499,00
Firmness: Soft (4.5), Luxury Firm (6.5), Firmer (7.5), and Plus (8)
Edge Support: Excellent

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